Posoln Consulting is passionate about helping businesses achieve their desired scale and technical expertise at ease through our services offerings. Our mission is to create an ecosystem of customers and partners that continuously and sustainably grow together through trust, transparency and constant knowledge sharing.

Our Founding Story

Coming from distinct paths, what our founders have in common is a tremendous passion for the digital and technology space. After years working in the IT industry for organisations at various scales, from start-ups through to large-scale enterprises and market leaders in the open source community, we have witnessed first hand the power of scalability in today’s VUCA marketplace. We have seen how organisations struggle with downsizing after a period of rapid growth. We have also seen how organisations tackle their lack of resources and turn it into an advantage thanks to the ability to flexibly scale up and down through an ecosystem of delivery partners.

Our combined expertise and experience navigating the IT landscape at its best and worst has inspired us to create this platform with tailored services offerings to help organisations achieve their desired scale and technical capability in a flexible, seamless and sustainable way.




We adhere to our open approach to our customers, partners and teams, and make sure that our communications are timely and transparent. We encourage a free exchange of opinions, ideas and expertise for innovation.


We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, partners and communities.


When we believe in the ability of others to make a meaningful contribution, we empower them to be at their best.


We stay committed and focused on achieving goals for our customers with integrity.


We always look for better ways to deliver better quality of work for our customers, partners and communities.

Our Services

What we do

Dedicated Resource​

Our dedicated resources work as an extension of your own development team, providing a seamless experience as we collaborate as one team to deliver your projects. These professionals bring excellent technical aptitude and a solid background in the end-to-end SDLC, DevOps and Cloud. Whether you require junior, mid-level or senior talents, we have that all covered for you.

Project Delivery

Our project experts bring the technical expertise and domain knowledge you need. We work closely with key stakeholders from your organisation to gather requirements and fully understand your project needs. We take care of the end-to-end implementation of your systems and ensure the successful delivery of your projects.

Monitoring Services

As your systems go live, we provide monitoring services in the form of BAU support, troubleshooting and bug fixing. This will ensure that your systems are constantly up and running and that your teams are not disrupted and are able to have more capacity to work on higher value tasks.

DX Consulting

Our Solution Architects and DX experts work with your organisation to design and implement a digital transformation strategy that evolves at your space and suits the current technology ecosystems of your organisation.

Why us?


We understand that, as a business, you need the ability to scale up and scale down quickly and efficiently in order to stay competitive in today’s VUCA marketplace. Having the flexibility in scaling your business will enable you to grasp opportunities as they come. 

Reduced Risks

We understand that, as a leader in your organisation, you would like to make sure all risks are calculated. When making a decision to scale up your business to seize an opportunity, you want to reduce all associated risks that come with it. 

With our hybrid delivery models, we make sure to reduce your risks and that you can have your mind at peace when enjoying the flexibility in scaling your business.


Knowledge Sharing

We understand that, in order to ascertain sustainable growth, you have a significant need of constantly updating your organisation’s knowledge base. Equally important, as soon as new knowledge is obtained, you want to make sure to keep that knowledge alive in your organisation. This is achieved by training up your key personnels in the new areas and enable them to expand it to their own teams. 

Our Consultants and Engineers are subject matter experts (SME) in their respective fields with professional training and coaching skills. Our operating and consulting models enable our SME to generate and sustain a continuous flow of knowledge sharing and help ramp up our customers’ technical teams with new skills and best practices.

Our Solutions

Hybrid Operating Model

Hybrid Operating Model

Hybrid Operating Model enables us to maximise our customers’ touch points and ensure non-disruptive communication lines. Customers can benefit from the flexibility and scalability that our offshore development services offerings bring, while also being assigned an Onshore Consultant who makes sure all communication between your team and our offshore development experts is seamless and constant.

Modern Methodologies

We are experts in modern project management methodologies and cloud-native application development best practices. We enable our customers to adopt Agile/Scrum frameworks as well as DevOps practices in the implementation and delivery of complex projects.

Modern Methodologies
Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

We have implemented a comprehensive talent strategy all the way from talent attraction and acquisition through to learning & development and coaching programs. This has helped create space for continuous learning and growth for our associates.

Strategic Delivery Partner

We believe that having the right delivery partnership in place will help us go a long way in ensuring excellent results for all of our customers. Our Strategic Delivery Partner acts as a trusted and seamless extension of our team to enable us to sustainably scale as we fulfil our customers’ needs.

Strategic Delivery Partner


Let us help your business to
move forward.

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